The best program to track gold and silver prices, moment by moment


An exclusive app recently launched with new version. It is a comprehensive economical app with an attractive and harmonious interface.

It has many advantages, such as coins and precious metals (such as gold and silver) in addition to oil prices. With regard to the link to private networks. The “exchange rate” application is a professional application that is ideal for this type of application.

Advantages of applying exchange rates: exchange rates between international currency rates and exchange rates.

Real-time live quote for the financial market for your device. Full support for 242 countries around the world
Crude oil prices, buy and sell details, trading volume and updated daily historical exchange rates for all currencies up to 16 years old

Foreign currency quotes and beautiful charts for different time periods – Charts can be used for different periods of currencies
Foreign silver is turning into the world of currencies
Digital, oh regardless of the world, oh end of the world!

Capital barriers are updated to monitor financial market events
Infographics via social networks and messaging Learn more about social networks and messaging Learn more 5 km radius on the main network
Email prices news in Arabic
Monitoring the exchange rate in Egyptian banks volatility decision yet
A price alert can alert you when the currency reaches a level
Specified: Automatic price monitor will send an instant notification on your device

The ability to customize the application and add
Your posts to shake the device for refresh rate, and set the frequency of automatic updates.
Determine the number of decimal places.
Control the sound effects that come with the app. Control of sources to control
Application color by choosing your favorite color combination and characters

This application is not only for me to follow the price of gold, but also through this application you can know if the latest exchange rates of Arab and foreign currencies so that the application contains an easy-to-use interface that you can take advantage of and move between this program easily so that it displays you the currency exchange rates at every moment and also considered The important programs for many, and this application has obtained a large percentage of downloads and has become a source of .


interest for all users, so that it also provides continuous updates and this is what made them one of the best programs that the party cannot do without at this time a lot of people who are looking for such programs Through which he can easily know the possibility of knowing the .


currency exchange rate and also through this application you can convert currencies and know the exchange rate of the euro against other currencies This application provides you with many wonderful advantages and also works on it frequently to add all the requirements that users are looking for


Only the app for iPhones from here

Apply the Android from here.

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