The best game to learn to drive through your smartphone


With the best car simulator games forcing you to spend a day at home with the best quarantine measures right now, it can be boring to learn not to have a teacher at home. Since we offer a variety of apps and games, Android phones can be a distraction. In addition to the car simulator, this is a good opportunity to learn or improve something, such as learning to drive.

On the Play Store, we find a car simulator that can be downloaded on Android. Thanks to them we can drive without leaving the house, and if you want to get your driver’s license or stop driving, this would be a big help. Additionally, there is a simulation style car game for fun games. If you are applying for a driving license but are now unable to start a practical training course or want to train, the game will show you how to drive. It is not as realistic as the options available in driving schools, but it is now at least a good solution to “learn to drive without a home teacher” practice.

Learning to drive is undoubtedly an exciting and enjoyable experience, but it is also challenging. There should be a driving school where you can do practical driving training. However, before starting your first trip, it is also a good idea to try some apps on your smartphone. We are not here to say Android racing games would be more interesting, but neither is it

It would be beneficial to learn to drive safely, because there are no new cars on Earth that will be reborn! However, we do mean apps that teach good driving rules, from defining vehicle controls, traffic lights, and rules to how to stop a vehicle and change speed .

the advantage here is that these apps won’t. It makes you feel bored, because you can simulate the real direction across the phone screen as a game. Therefore, learning will become fun and simple. Let’s start learning from the bottom.

Car driving simulator game This driving school simulator game is one of the strongest and most unique driving education games ever, it makes you feel like you are taking a real driving test. First of all, the game has excellent graphics and many options, so here you can control everything in the car, not just the steering wheel, you can fasten the seat belt on the steering wheel, turn on the headlights, taillights and control the steering wheels. Speed ​​… etc. The game is also available in Arabic so

Simpler learning. You can start with lessons that teach you how to walk the road properly so that you have to complete some tasks in order to reach the highest level before entering the city, where you can experience everything you have learned.

After each class, you will receive a detailed report describing your leadership skills and mistakes you made (if any). Download and use this game for free and it is also one of the multiplayer games for Android where you can challenge others of the same level. However, some ads will appear and some goods have been purchased to unlock other maps and cars. Overall, this game is very fun and you should try it.

Download the game from here

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