Job opportunities for farmers and specialists in raising sheep and livestock with free accommodation

Livestock and cattle breeding


At this time, we will find that many are looking for job opportunities, especially after the Covid 19 virus, which the world lost a large budget and there was a defect in the global system, but despite this, the working people still provide everything that is required of them to move forward.

Today we will talk about job opportunities, but there will be job opportunities for people who are farmers, so that we will talk about job opportunities for people who have experience in raising and caring for livestock, so that there are many job opportunities for people who are in their specialty.

And also a house is allocated for them and has all the living necessities, requires her to work in the farm and live in it, so that his salary will be attractive at the same time, but also he must have gained experience

The livestock project is considered one of the best projects, due to the government’s interest in the field of animal production and its occupation of the advanced international center for meat production. This is why the livestock project in Turkey is considered one of the projects that guarantee profits, especially when Turkish law supports investors. Now, we will be showing you a detailed feasibility study of a livestock project to help you make this investment.


Governments around the world, especially those of Canada, France, the United States, Russia, and Belgium, provided a lot of support and incentives to invest in livestock, and provided tariffs and added value to Arabs (especially investors) who desired it. To be exempt from taxes and tax cuts that come from people in the Gulf countries because of their experience in this field.


In addition to providing comprehensive veterinary medical services for livestock throughout the year, including preventive vaccinations. But are the Turkish government incentives sufficient to implement the project? Or should investors have extensive knowledge? Of course, investors should be fully aware of raising sheep from the ground up to avoid losses and make the largest possible profit. But the question remains: What does he do?

Many people want profitable projects that are available throughout the year. There are many seasonal elements, such as those related to planting, as they depend on the season. The most important time-independent project is the livestock project, because everyone needs meat, milk and wool throughout the year, not at a specific time of the year.

As mentioned earlier, livestock is one of the organized projects sponsored by the government, which increases the chances of success of the project. But before starting the project, the person in charge of the project must be aware of all aspects of the project to avoid losses.



As we mentioned earlier, the location of the farm is the most important part of the project, as it is preferable to install it on agricultural land where the land is richer and easier to raise livestock.

In addition to a large amount of wheat and other types of wheat, people setting up a farm also need an array of dry foods and green foods.

Agricultural Workers: It is clear that the rural workers will need labor on the farm. Suppose that due to the increase in the number of livestock, this work will start to include only one worker at the beginning, so the number of workers also increases.

Other expenses on the farm: It is clear that the farm needs to be cleaned frequently to avoid diseases that can infect livestock and kill their lives or reduce the production of meat and dairy, which will definitely lead to unwanted losses. In addition to purchasing equipment and machinery for the farm, you also need to provide a safety factor for the farm.

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