Application of driving certification and theoretical and practical examination questions all over the world


For a while, computer education was important before you started using real wheels, and our beginner driving education program gave tips on how to walk on the street and the laws to follow to pass the test. Guidance. Or to prepare for your driver’s license test, there are currently 3D game software that can teach you how to drive from scratch. You can learn from the remaining lines.

For those who intend to drive, obtaining a driver’s license is important, as it is not permitted to drive without a driver’s license. Some people will find it difficult to drive for the first time because it will cause stress, accident risk and fear even with a private driving school

So we found for you a better application, similar to a game that works on your phone, and it is to learn driving methods that simulate reality to a large extent, because there is a whole city with traffic safety signs that you must follow the principles to start using this application to learn.

Application functions and how it works:

The application can be easily run on your phone, download the application from Google Play Store, after downloading and installing you can start learning to drive

You can choose the type of car you want to learn whether it is a BMW or a German Audi
You will enjoy learning to drive on your phone. The game contains more than 25 cars, through which you can show the skills of driving small and medium-sized cars, trucks and buses, and you can also use four-wheel drive cars.

When the game simulates virtual reality, you will see all the green, red and orange traffic lights. In addition to the sidewalks that must be parked, there are also stop signs and all other road signs related to road conditions. After reading the lecture more than once, you will only be able to apply the theory to the actual operation through your cell phone, which will make it easier for you to pass the driving test.

Download the app from here

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